Pinecrest Irrigation System Construction to Start June 7th

Pinecrest Golf Course Irrigation Construction Starts June 7th

As we have mentioned this spring, we were uncertain when Pinecrest’s long awaited irrigation construction project would start. We have been waiting for the winning contractor to let us know when they would start construction.

We have just received word from our Contractor that this project will start on Monday, June 7th.   On this day, Pinecrest will remain open with nine holes available.  Those wanting to play 18 holes (play the same 9 twice), will need to let the staff at Pinecrest know this when making reservations.

Since our on-line reservation system cannot identify and book those who want to play 18 holes, we will take all our 9- and 18-hole reservation requests by PHONE ONLY. You can reach the golf shop by calling 208-612-8485. Online tee-times will not be available at Pinecrest.  We will accept reservations 4 days in advance, starting at 7am each day.   We ask that you let our staff members know if you are wanting to play 9 or 18 holes when making your reservation.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this construction process and are hoping this process will be completed as soon as possible.