3 Championship Courses and a 6-Hole Short Course.

Sand Creek Golf Course

Pinecrest Golf Course

Sage Lakes Golf Course

Important Reminders during the COVID-19 situation

1.   Our Clubhouses will be open to only very limited traffic.   Use our new “window” check in area to sign in before you play which will help keep you and our employees safe. For those who do enter the shops, please do not handle our merchandise unless you plan to make a purchase.  

2.  We strongly recommend that everyone make tee times.   We will observe our 10 minute tee time intervals to help with social distancing; as a result if will be more difficult to work on walk-on’s. 

3.  Season Passes may be purchased by simply calling any of our Golf Shops – it will save you the time of standing in line.

4.  We ask that EVERYONE do their best to social distance themselves at least 6′ from others at ALL areas of the course.

5.   Remember to wash your hands for at LEAST 20 seconds with soap and water as often as possible and refrain from touching your face.