Golf Instruction

Sandcreek Golf Instruction

Pinecrest Golf Instruction

John Graham, PGA
Sand Creek Head Professional
(208) 612-8115


Sean Cline, PGA Associate
Sand Creek Assistant Professional
(208) 612-8115


Sean Thomsen, PGA
Pinecrest Assistant Professional
(208) 612-8485


Tim Reinke, PGA
Pinecrest Head Professional & Director of Golf
(208) 612-8485


Sage Lakes Golf Instruction

Kevin Kavran, PGA
Sage Lakes Head Professional
(208) 612-8535


Tyson Bowen, PGA
Sage Lakes Assistant Professional
(208) 612-8535


Jake Cole, PGA Associate
Sage Lakes Assistant Professional
(208) 612-8535


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Junior Lessons & "Operation 36" (ages 17 & under)

Operation 36 Program

*Cost:  varies depending on program

*Boys & Girls Ages 7-18

*Instructors: Kevin Kavran, PGA and Tyson Bowen, PGA

Operation 36 provides beginners with the most effective model and technology to learn to play golf. Become a skilled golfer by following a motivating roadmap to shooting Par (36) or better for 9 holes! For more information about Operation 36, go online and visit Simply click ‘Find A Program’ and search Idaho Falls. From there, select the course you want to participate at and submit a player form.

Private Lessons for Juniors

PGA Professionals:

Call Golf Shop for Prices

PGA Associate Professionals:

Call Golf Shop for Prices
Adult Golf Lessons

Private Golf Lessons for Adults @ Pinecrest, Sand Creek, or Sage Lakes

PGA Professionals

Call for Lesson Prices

PGA Associate Professionals

Call for Lesson Prices

Note: There are discounts for group lessons. Call for details.

Golf Club Professional Fitting Information

Golf Club Fitting by our Certified PGA Professional Staff Members

Schedule your fitting by calling any of our Golf Pro Shops.   Should you decide to purchase any new clubs after your Professional fitting, we will give you a one time credit as listed below:

Set of Irons Fitting Session:

$100   (20-30 minutes, $25 credit towards in shop club purchase)

Set of up to 4 Woods Fitting Session:

$100  (20-30 minutes, $25 credit towards in shop club purchase)

Full Bag Fitting Session:

$175  (up to 60 minutes, $50 credit towards in shop club purchase)

Trackman & Flight Scope Launch Monitors & Simulators

We use both the Trackman & FlightScope X3 Launch Monitors to aid in our professional golf lessons, club fittings, and in the offseason as indoor simulators to play golf on .  TrackMan uses the Doppler principle, which explains why a signal bouncing off a moving object like a golf club or ball will change the frequency of the signal. The change in frequency is linearly proportional with the speed of the moving object relative to the signal receiver and transmitter.   FlightScope X3 uses 3D Doppler Tracking Radar to provide data about player and equipment performance.  Both of these devices helps golfers of ALL skill levels improve their game!!   Please call any of our three golf courses to set up a lesson or club fitting session with either the Trackman or FlightScope X3 with any of our PGA Professionals.

Click here for information about our Trackman Launch Monitor