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Idaho Falls Men's Golf Association

Idaho Falls Men’s Golf Association
The Idaho Falls Men’s Golf Association is comprised of approximately 500 men. The abilities of the membership range from handicaps from scratch to over 40. The association hosts five golf tournaments each year, scheduled at each of the three public courses. The tournaments include one stroke play club championship, one match play club championship, two opening fun type events, and one closing event. The association also hosts a spring banquet and meeting. Finally the Men’s Association is the authorized association for USGA Handicaps for men. Membership in this association includes an official USGA handicap. Interested individuals should contact any of the local golf pro shops.

2021 Men’s Association Board Members and Contact Information:
Mike Dimick, President Contact: mdimick3081@msn.com | Doug McCarty, Contact: doug@holdenmccarty.com  |  Dave Purcell Contact: davidrpurcell@gmail.com | Greg Stoddard Contact: gstoddard77@hotmail.com |Kory Davis Contact: kory.davis1@gmail.com | Brad Cole Contact:  foresoup@hotmail.com    | Chris Olsen Contact: chris8775@hotmail.com

                                                        HALL OF FAME                                                         

The Idaho Falls Men’s Golf Association maintains a hall of fame. Individuals get nominated by the membership and elected into the Hall of Fame by a vote at the annual meeting.

Click Here for Hall of Fame Requirements
Click Here for Hall of Fame Form


Joe Marmo 1998  |  Mike Ceriello 1998  |  Les Stephan 1998  |  Chuck Deming 1998  |  Dean Daugherty 1998  |  Erv Southwick 1998

Julie Southwick 1998  |  Norm Jorgenson 1998  |  Mel Erickson 2008  |  Ben Allen 2009  |  Russ Freeman 2011  |  Dr. Lenzi 2011

George Orullian, PGA 2011  |  Joe L. Higham 2013  |  Rich Daines 2013  |  Tim Reinke, PGA 2014

John Graham, PGA 2015  |  Tom Hersh 2017  |  Ric Carosone 2017  |  Don Frongner 2019    

Gaylen Denning, PGA 2019

Idaho Falls Senior Men Golf Association

Idaho Falls Senior Men’s Golf Association 2021

Our mission:  The Idaho Falls Senior Men’s Golf Association (IFSMGA) provides a forum for furthering the sport of golf for senior men with a commitment to building comradery among members. We do this through weekly events which strive to maintain equitable competition across member skill levels in accordance with USGA rules and tournament guidelines.

How do you join:  All men over 60, or who will turn 60 during the current calendar year, are eligible to join the IFSMGA.  Signup for the IFSMGA is held in the spring of each year at Pinecrest Golf Couse.  New members can fill out an application/registration form at Pinecrest Golf Course. To be eligible to play an individual must join the Idaho Golf Association or another recognized USGA organization to obtain a GHIN handicap number.  In addition, the individual pays an annual membership of $30 for those 60 to 79 years old, $20 for those 80 to 89 years old, and free for anyone over 90.  Three sets of tees will be used for IFSMGA events, and players’ tees will be established based on their GHIN handicaps.  A player’s tee may change during the year, depending upon that golfer’s performance.  The first event of the year is held in mid-April and individual and team events will continue weekly through the end of September.  A three-day tournament is held in September.

How do you sign up to play:  Players will sign up to play each week via e-mail sent out by the Association’s course Tournament Director.  A season-long schedule is located on the IFSMGA website and e-mailed to each member.  The schedule is subject to change depending upon weather, golf course conflicts, and participation. Each week all active seniors will receive an email invitation to play the next week’s game.  Signing up is as simple as accepting that invitation.  By Monday of the week of play, starting times and weekly pairings will be e-mailed to all participants.  Weekly events will be by shotgun starts where possible.  Any requests for late signups or cancelations must be made directly with the course pro shop at which that week’s event is being held.  Late signups will be honored on a space available basis, but will not be eligible for points.

Handicapping:  Handicaps will be maintained by the USGA GHIN system.  For weekly Senior events, scores will be entered into the GHIN system automatically.  In addition to official Senior events, members are encouraged to enter valid scores from other games they play, either in Idaho Falls or elsewhere.   Computers are available at all three Idaho Falls courses to enter scores or the individual may go on-line to enter scores.  Any member unfamiliar with the GHIN system or how to properly enter scores can get help from the local pro or from an Association Board member.

Rewards:  Points are awarded each week based on the type of game and the relative place that a team or individual finishes.  Points will be awarded for each event and are currently valued at $2 in shop credit redeemable at any of the three Idaho Falls courses.  All points from the current season must be redeemed by December 24 of that year.  Any unused points will revert back to the IFSMGA.

Season Closer:  An annual business meeting and banquet is held in September.  This meeting will include election of board members.


President                                 Steve Priebe   208-681-0723

Vice President                         Mike Hill

Secretary/Treasurer               Tom McLaughlin

Handicap Chairman                LaMar Densley

Tournament Chairman           Jay Harris

Awards Chairman                   Dave Macfarlane


Click Here for Senior Registration Form

Idaho Falls Women's Association

2022 Idaho Falls Women’s Weekday Golf Association

Welcome to the 2022 golfing season.  Prior to the start of the season we will have two events:   Tuesday, April 26th at 10am, “Meet and Greet”  (we will collect dues, meet up with old friends and get acquainted with new members) at the Pinecrest Clubhouse.   You may also pay your dues anytime pior to May 3rd  at the Pinecrest Golf Shop.

The leagues first official day of play is Tuesday, May 3 at Pinecrest.   Sign up Sheets for May 3rd will be available at Pinecrest starting on April 26th.

If you have any questions or need more information please call President Vicky Brown @ 208-881-1046


$67 FULL MEMBERSHIP – includes handicap fee and eligibility for IFWGA Ladies Day play, club championships, and invitationals.

$30 MEMBERSHIP ONLY – offers full membership privileges for those who pay their handicap fee at another course.

$42 HANDICAP ONLY – includes handicap and eligibility for invitationals but excludes eligibility for IFWGA Ladies day play and club championships.



Working Women's Association

The Idaho Falls Working Women’s Golf Association is composed of approximately 96 women golfers. The abilities range from handicaps of 6 to over 40. The league plays on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings during the months of May, June, July, and August. The format is two ladies per teams (find your own partener or the league will try to find one for you), with each team playing nine (9) holes once a week.  Interested individuals should contact the President of the Association Julie Finup at 208-681-2663. Thanks for your interest in this league!   

This is the 2022 players list with tee times:  2022 WWGL Tue Schedule    2022 WWGL Wed Schedule


2022 Tue 5-10-22

2022 Wed 5-11-22

2022 Tue 5-17-22

2022 Wed 5-18-22

2022 Tue 5-24-22

2022 Wed 5-25-22

2022 Tue 5-31-22

2022 Wed 6-1-22

2022 Tue 6-21-22

2022 Wed 6-22-22

2022 Tue 6-28-22

2022 Wed 6-29-22

2022 Tue 7-5-22

2022 Wed 7-6-22

2022 Tue 7-19-22

2022 Wed 7-20-22

2022 Tue 7-26-2022

2022 Wed 7-27-22

2022 Tue 8-2-22

2022 Wed 8-3-22

2022 Tue 8-9-22

2022 Wed 8-10-22

Tues-Thurs Weekday Men's League

The 2023 Tuesday-Thursday Weekly Men’s League

  • Season April 4 – Sept 28, 2023 GRAB YOUR FRIENDS & COME PLAY!
  • 9 Holes – Play anytime on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
  • Play as often as you like; no need to play every week. Payoff separate each week.
  • This league is not partners – you play your own ball each week under several fun formats (see schedule in link below).
  • Play with who you like, scores must be attested.
  • We will rotate play between Pine, Sand, and Sage.
  • Play is from whichever tees you like; your handicap will be reflected accordingly.   But you must play a similar tee length at each course all year long.
  • $25 to join which will pay for your handicap and Season ending BBQ.
  • $5 each week: $4 to payoff; $1 CASH skins each week.
  • We will flight players based on hdcps and number of entries each week.

Click Here for the 2023 Men’s League Schedule



Sage Lakes Chapman


2022 Sage Lakes Chapman Couples League

April 21 – August 22 (18 weeks with signup per Kickoff E-Mail below)

Open to all couples who wish to join during the year.

Signup Fee: $10.00/couple (100% of the signup fees used for team total points prize payout at end-of year.)

Weekly Fee: $5.00/couple (100% of weekly fees used for weekly winner payout of three places per flight)

Year-End 18-Hole Tournament: August 27 (Saturday) Shotgun Start at 12:00 Noon (Cost $15.00/couple – 100% Payout)

Teams play weekly anytime from Thursday through Monday, provided tee times are available from the Pro Shop. 

Contact Kathie Rice at 208-351-7501 or kathierice99@gmail.com for more information.

Click Here: 2022 Sage Lakes Chapman League Kickoff E-Mail

Click Here: 2022 Sage Lakes Chapman Rules and Regulations

Click Here: 2022 Sage Lakes Chapman Sign-Up Form

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